- - - - - - Pico da Bandeira (Peak of the Flag) - 2.892 metros (9,537 feet)- - - - - -

If you really enjoy walking thru’ almost pristine trails, swimming in natural pools and streams of crystal clear water,watching an unforgetable sunrise at 2,892 meters of altitude and camping under a sky that would be the dream of any astronomer, if you like all of these things,then,your place to be is here with us!

In this site, you will know the work developed by “Querência Hostel” in the specific sector of Eco Tourism, for the Park area and its surroundings too.

Besides the main “Pico da Bandeira”trail, we offer several other trekking options and we also provide road tours thru’the best points in the range region.

The team of guides “Anjos da Montanha” (Mountain Angels) is able to take the tourists on safe, informative but, overall, fun tours.



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